A Luta Continua

The Struggle Continues

As the catch cry of the FRELIMO rebels in Mozambique, A Luta Continua has been taken up around the world. The phrase sums up the ways in which struggles change and are passed on, providing hope for new generations who carry the fire within them.

In this space we celebrate the importance of non-violent protest in the Tasmanian cultural landscape, and the significance of Art as a form of protest and as a rallying call. Artworks and objects gathered from an extraordinary community of Tasmanian artists and activists, explore stories from Aboriginal, environmental and human rights struggles in particular.

The phrase ends with Vitória é Certa – Victory is Certain.


Fernando do Campo
Selena de Carvalho
Caitlin Fargher + Neylan Aykut + Matthew Fargher
Lychandra Gieseman
Josh Langford
Erin Linhart
Jillian Mundy
Matt Newton
James Newitt
James Tylor
Aviva Reed
Tricky Walsh + Mish Meijers
Yvette Watts
SEED Climate Action Group
Wren Cameron Fraser
Joe Artkinson/ Geoff Atkinson
Micheal Roberts/ Richard Hale
Hazara Young Men + Curious Works
Climate Angels
Michael McWilliams
Benny Zable


Curated by Selena de Carvalho, Sean Kelly and Caitlin Fargher
Produced by Matthew Fargher
In partnership with the Moonah Arts Centre April 2018
Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts